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Four Large bar Gift Set.

Four Large bar Gift Set.


A great four bar gift set- simple but effective. Looks great now with a chic black hand decoupaged cardboard base 


Contains four large  rectangular 120g soap bars in a cardboard base held together with an organza black ribbon. If you would like a small gift tag with some  short wording please let me know.


I will include a 20% off code for a new customer ifthe recipient chooses to place an order.




Gentle / Sensitive Skins: 

Contains : Unfragranced Full fat Goats Milk, Scented Goats Milk , Chamomile & Calendula with Collidial Oatmeal and Lavender .


For her : 

Contains a election from -Rose Geranium Soap , Floral pamper, lavender , Chamomile & calendula or Ylang Ylang.


For him:

Contains a election from -Sandalwood soap bar, Shaving bar , Mango Citrus, JavaMint , patchouli and Superb Salt bar.


Cleansing / Exfoliating :

Clear skin tea Tree , Exfoliating Scrub bar ,Exfoliating Javamint bar, Cleansing mango citrus  and Mint Tea bar . 



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