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Ceramic hand thrown smudge Bowls caramel colour

Ceramic hand thrown smudge Bowls

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£18.00Sale Price

Just perfect for smudging. Hand thrown ceramic  smudge bowl comes ready to use with an 10cm white sage  smudge stick.


In these times of stress and negative influences the burning of sage can be a fantastic ally to a clearer mind, aura or to create a safe space before meditate ,healing or connecting with your intuitive self. 


 This sacred herb has been used for centuries by the shamans of  North America for purification ceremonies for aura clearing and removing negative energies ,leading to clearer environments and clearer thoughts. 

With it's  penetrating spicy smell  White Sage has shown to reduce 94% of the bacteria in the room after burning this herb.


The sage in these sage sticks is the White silver leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant grows in California. These sticks are responsibly sourced and sustainable.


Additional sage sticks are available to purchase separately.



These beautiful sage bowls will serve you for many years and have an approximate 10 cm circumference and are  5cm high. 


Hand made stoneware  by the Old Brewhouse Pottery. Halesworth England


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