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This is a photograph of the botanicals used in JacqsArtisan soaps. They are shown in individual neat sections of little rectangles. They show calendula petals ,lavender flowers , rose petals, poppy seeds, chamomile flowers, pink rose buds, juniper fruits, and horsetail.

& Spa Clays
beneficial Soap Ingredients

The power of nature and of herbs has always been a fascination for me.

 To think that all of medicine was sourced originally from herbs and trees.

So imagine my excitement when learning about soapmaking that I could use herbs and clays to colour my soaps, it was wow, hell yes moment, that fitted in completely with my whole idea of making soaps that helped & fed the skin.

 The thought that my soap it could offer additional healing benefits at

the same time as gently cleanse and moisturize the was perfect.

Here is a list of the botanicals and clays that are used

in my soaps with the benefits that they bring. 





Bentonite clay also called Montmorillonite, is a very popular healing clay formed from volcanic ash, rich in minerals such as iron, potassium ,magnesium, sodium and calcium and has ample quantities of silica a trace mineral that strengthens connective tissue. It assists in healing the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Bentonite clay is highly beneficial as it is readily absorbed leaving the skin superbly soft.It readily removes toxins  improving circulation and clarifying skin tone.

Safe for all skin types and adds a nice 'slip'.

Good for normal- combination / oily skins

Used in my shaving bar


French Green Clay, also known as 'illite' is a mineral clay that is extracted from deep within the earth. French Green Clay is highly absorbent and contains many beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. When used on the skin, this clay has numerous benefits.Its molecular structure allows it to absorb oil, dirt and toxins from the skin.

It balances oily skin to normal pH levels. 

Great for oily skins. 

Found in my scrub exfoliating bar and clear skin tea tree soap.


Rose clay is considered a type of kaolin (kaolinite) clay. It has a fine texture like kaolin, and is suitable for dry skin and it has a smoothing effect. The clay is a light to medium pink shade, which comes from a naturally occurring iron oxide content. 

French pink clay is great for restoring and the balancing the skin and returning sebum levels return to normal , it helps with acne

and blackheads, benefits can be seen very quickly.

Great for oily or acne prone skin also beneficial for alleviating eczema and psoriasis.

Used in my Pamper Bar


It is a very gentle clay, with less liquid absorbing abilities than most, which results the clay absorbing excess oils from the skin balancing and  refining it but it is not at all drying and does not affect natural oil levels. This makes it suitable highly for more sensitive and dry skin. Additionally this clay is full of minerals and and detoxifying ingredients.

 Found in my lavender soap bar and ylang ylang


This luxuriant silky high-quality natural superfine mineral clay has a pinky grey colour. It is a soothing clay often used in spas for skin and hair. It is also called Rhassoul clay and it can only be found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is formed by a natural combination of volcanic activity and geothermal changes.

This clay has a silk-like feel and helps even out skin tone and reduces blemishes. It has the unique ability to both nourish skin and reduce excess sebum, making it safe to use daily. Ghassoul clay is found to increase skin elasticity, even skin tone, reduce blemishes ,blackheads, and helps with skin dryness.

- Used in my salt spa bar


ALKANET ROOT -Alkana Tinctoria

A natural red dye from the roots the Alkanet plant part of the borage family but when used in soaps gives a pink,blue or  purple hue to the soap. This dye is an excellent indicator of the PH of the soap as is initially blue turning to the purples as the soap becomes milder with curing.

Known for maintaining skin health. It is an anti inflammatory and is used as an antiseptic for skin diseases and allergies such as eczema, itching and scabies &  treat burns and infected wounds good of all kinds of cuts, bruises and phlebitis and healing your skin fungal infections.

Used as a natural colourant in my scented Goats Milk Soap

ANNATTO SEED  bixa orellano

Annatto seed is a natural food colouring from the seeds of the achiote tree natuve to tropical areas from Mexico to Brazil . The seeds are high in antioxidants and are believed to fight wrinkles, sun damage and other signs of aging by encouraging the production of healthy cells and tissues which reduces scarring and skin damage. 


Superfine -Naturally cleansing and easily absorbed by the skin with a long history of use to soothe and moisturize the skin providing a secondary protective layer also beneficial against UV rays. 

Rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamin E ,complex carbohydrates and lipids.

Excellent for retaining moisture, It’s a humectant drawing moisture from its surroundings relieving irritation and soothing dry skin. Colloidal oatmeal has an anti-inflammatory effect and is beneficial in the soothing of some forms of eczema. It is effective in the treatment  for psoriasis, rosacea and skin rashes, including acne restoring skin PH and absorbing excess oils.

It is wonderfully soothing and hugely beneficial for all inflamed and irritated skin conditions, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Great for sensitive skins.

Found in my Chamomile & Calendula Soap

CHAMOMILE FLOWERS Chamaemelum nobile

With a long tradition of use as a healing herb used to treat wounds and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, it is anti-inflammatory ,antimicrobial & antiseptic full of antioxidants that eliminate scars and keep skin clear and glowing.It accelerates cell and tissue regeneration,tightening the pores and slowing down the ageing process.

Infused  in abundance in my Chamomile & Calendula Soap

CALENDULA / MARIGOLD PETALS   Calendula Offininalis

Used throughout history in skin preparations because of it's many healing qualities ideal for treating all wounds including eczema, acne ,sunburn reducing redness and soothing irritation and is also a great skin conditioner due to it's effect on stimulating the production of collegen. 

Calendula is also anti-fungal,anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

I use calendula in my Chamomile & Calendula Soap by solar infusing the petals in the olive oil for at least six weeks and I add the petals when I make the soap for it's great speckled orange colour.


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ( bp pharmaceutical grade)

Made by burning carbon rich materials for example wood or bamboo to create to an odorless black powder which  is great for purifying the skin by absorbing excess oils and drawing out dirt ,chemicals, bacteria and other micro-particals from the skins surface. Charcoal helps achieve a flawless complexion, fighting acne and disinfecting wounds. 

Activated charcoal BP grade is used in my Superb Salt bar

MADDER ROOT    Rubia tinctorum

Known as Common Madder or dyers madder this natural dye indigenous to Southern Europe,The Middle East ,Central Asia & North Asia. Madder that has been used for colour for over 5,000 years and has been found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in linen remnants. This dye is harvested from the fleshy root a perennial plant species of the Coffee bedstraw Rubiaceae family.

Useful for irritations of the skin including rashes,boils and acne. ( Found in my Rose Geranium Soap)

SEA VEGETABLE  Chlorella Algea

Chlorella was the first plant with a well defined nucleus evolving over 2 billion years ago. Unlike spirulina,Chlorella grows in fresh water and is a spherical single celled microorganism. Rich in Vitamin B,C,D,E & K  magnesium & zinc which are all great for promoting healthy skin functioning and calming inflammation and repairing skin damage and aiding in cell rejuvenation. ( Found in my exfoliating scrub bar)


French Yellow Clay another illite ,a non expanding clay mineral has fine particles and iron oxides of which the amount of these oxides determines its color and the depth of yellow. It contains iron, but no aluminium.An extremely mild clay that can be used on sensitive skins even gentle enough to use on mild eczema patches ,psoriasis and rosacea. Although this clay is a potent cleanser and draws out impurities it is still safe to use on dry skins. This clay helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and leaves the skin toned smooth and radiant.

Benefits: F It stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, removes dead skin cells, and tones & strengthens connective tissues to leave skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

( used in my mango citrus soap bar) 


An amazing herb commonly known as 'Knitbone' and was used to heal bone fractures and bruising. Also great for moisturizing the skin and treating open wounds as it encourages cell rejuvenation,this is a great healing herb. It is also helpful for reducing 

I use comfrey in my scrub exfoliating soap which is used perfect also as a gardening soap or for use after tasks that leave a lot of residue on the skin  great for mechanics and after DIY so perfect for dealing with those nicks whilst gardening and maintenance jobs. 

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