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Bay laurel leaves

Bay Laurel Essential Oil


Botanical name  Laurus nobilis


The bay laurel tree is native to the meditterranean region and generally cultivated for it's berries.


The leaves were used by the Greeks and Romans to crown their victors and was used medically for treating colic,indigestion, loss of appetite and to promote fever and menstration.

It is used less nowdays internally but it is great for bruises,earache and sprains when used with a carrier oil.

  • Aroma

    Spicy aromatic camphorous medical fragrance. Woody, earthy and slightly sweet.

  • Perfumery note


  • Main Qualities

    Anti spasmodic & antibiotic

  • Blends well with

    Pine, Cypress , juniper, clary sage, rosemary , olibanum, labdanum, lavender , citrus and spice oils

  • Precautions

    Relatively non toxic and non irritant amy cause dermatitis in some individuals. Use in moderation due to narcotic properties attributed to methyl eugenol. 

    Should not be used during pregrancy 

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