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 Packaging &
Environmental Impact

Much thought has gone into my packaging

and it has evolved over time to be pretty much all made from recycled materials and is fully

(apart from my wax stamp and the grease-proof paper on my round bars) recyclable.

So that's not much needs to go into the landfill bin.

To further reduce waste I now recycle all off cuts from my packaging ,which is handmade and all

printed office paper .In fact any paper that's not needed is shredded and made into

handmade paper that is then used in the parcels that are sent out through the post.

I also reuse and shred any incoming paper from deliveries too.  

In the process of making this handmade paper I also utilize remaining materials and

natural colourants such as the madder root used in my rose geranium soap.

These additional natural by-products add interest and colour to the paper

and so even less is being thrown out.


Additionally the clear display bags that I use are produced from wood pulp and are

fully biodegradable and compostable even though they look like plastic they are fully compostable.

Just cut the bag smaller pieces and add to your compost bin or collection garden waste.

The paper making process in pictures

A surprisingly slow and labour intensive process of taking shredded paper , leaving it to soak for a while then blending the paper to a pulp after which gently pouring the pulp onto a taunt mesh to drain off the water.

  When there are enough layers and the paper is thick enough leaving it to dry which can take a day or two depending on how warm the weather it is. 

Image show the process of shredded paper blending and recycling to make handmade paper
This image shows Handmade paper making of putting the blended shredded paper mulch into a mould to create the recycled paper.
This image is of the moulded paper hanging up drying
Handmade papers selection dried and ready to reuse
Made made papers pile to illustrate the various colours depending on the reused ingredients from the soaps and the different shredded materials

the Soapmaking Clean-up 

Just also on a side note, I have a very clever way of cleaning my mixing equipment that does not add any waste to the bin, jugs blender and spatulas are wiped with old towels before being washed up and this takes off virtually all of the remaining soap batter, that I can then put through the wash with their own soap on them. Genius ( if I say so myself )

This is an image of two silicone spatulas in the process of a  clean Up after soap making with the excess soap batter being cleaned away on a towel.
This photograph is of the soaping equipment having been washed up and now drying.
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