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Selection of hand thrown pottery for sale on JacqsArtisan

Hand -Thrown Ceramics & 
Natural Home Fragrance

This beautiful hand thrown pottery is the work of The Old Brewhouse in Walpole Suffolk

and from Belljar based in Brampton Suffolk.

Many thanks to these lovely ladies for allowing me to make their work available here.

Both of the incense brands offered are a personal favourite for their purity of scent, intensity and longevity of scenting the room, filling the air with a divine atmosphere changing scent - naturally.


And soothing lavender a must - either in pot pourri or in lavender bags.

Great for scenting a drawer of clothes or hanging in a wardrobe to ward off hungry

moths who would love to dine out on your clothes of wool, silk or cashmere.

And if you want to take it a step further to cleanse your aura and your home of

negative energies with the the white sage and sage bowl. 

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