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black pepper corns

Black Pepper Essential Oil


Piper nigrum

Family : piperaceae


Originally from the East this oil is steam distilled from the unripened dried fruits .

Easily overpowering ,if used too heavily black pepper essential oil can easily overwhelm a blend but used in small amounts will add a spicy note.

Great for treating colds , flu , aches and chills due to it's warming effects it also works well for rheumatic aches by stimulating circulation. One of the best oils for reducing high blood pressure.


Combine with lavender, marjoram or rosemary in massage oil for aiding rheumatic aches stimulating circulation and aiding elimination of waste products.


  • Aroma

    pungent and spicy like fresh peppercorns

  • Perfumery Note


  • Main Qualities

    Antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral,aphrodisiac

  • Benefits

    Muscle aches and pains, rheumatism

  • Blends well with

    Carrotseed,frankincense,grapefruit,lavender,lemon,marjoram, manderin, myrtle, orange, patchouli,rosemary, sandalwood, vertiver

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