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Clary sage plants

Clary sage Essential Oil


salvia sclarea


A stout biennial or perennial herb native to the northern Mediterranean, northern africa  and central asia and  considered to the top herb for hormonal balancing especially in woman.


With a long history and highly esteemed during the middle ages it was used for digestive disorders , kidney disease, uterine and menstrual complaints,for cleansing ulcers and general nerve tonic.

Similar to sage it cools inflammation and useful for respiratory and throat infections and is a natural sedative.

 The flowering tops and leaves are steam distilled to create the essential oil a colourless to yellowy-green liquid.


  • Aroma

    Sweet- nutty herbaceous scent.

  • Perfumery note


  • Main Qualities

    Great for inflammed conditions ,oily skin and hair, acne, hair loss and dandruff. 

    Clary sage helps relieve nervous tension , stress related disorders depression,migraines, and frigidity or impotence.

  • Blends well with

    Juniper, lavender,coriander,cardomon,geranium,sandalwood,cedarwood,pine,labdanum,jasmine, frankincense, bergamot and citrus oils.

  • Precautions

    Non toxic, non irritant,non sensitizing . 

    Avoid during pregnancy and do not use while drinking alcohol as it can induce a narcotic effect and exaggerate drunkeness.

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