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Ramie Scrunchie with mango citrus soap

Ramie Scrunchie


Ramie is one of the oldest fibre crops which has been used for at least six thousand years. Part of the nettle family and considered to be one of the strongest fibres and is  particularly good for skin exfoliating.

Exfoliation should be a regular part of your skin cleansing regime, particularly in the winter when our skin is at the driest. These scrunchies help removes our dead skin cells leaving our skin looking and feeling clear and soft. 


Two sizes are available a fuller 55 grams scrunchie  and a 35 gram scrunchie.


  • Care instructions

    After use rinse and hang up to dry.

    These scunchies can washed in the washing machine occassionally on a gentle wash preferably inside a pillow cloth or wash bag.

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