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Two large sage smudge sticks

White Sage Smudge Stick



Great before meditation, prayer or to cleanse your home or theraputic healing space. A great benefit to removing stress and to lift your mood.


The ritual burning of herbs has been used in many cultures throughout the ages. Smudge sticks are traditionally used in the Native American culture by their shamans for purification in ceremonies to create a sacred space.


The smudge sticks can consist of a combination of herbs though the most recognised and most widely used are white sage. The dried sage is bundled together and tied with twine.


After lighting the sage a smoke of spicy sharp aroma is released this can then be used around your body to cleanse the aura or  move through the spaces that need purifying wafting the sacred smoke transforming negative energy into a positive energy and driving away any unwanted energetic influences.


Research has shown that 94% of bacteria is removed after the burning of sage.


These sage sticks contain white sage -Salvia Apiana  imported from the southwest of the United States and the northwest of Mexico, where it is sustainably and environmentally friendly harvested before packing.


100 % natural and sustainable.


The sticks measure 10cm x 3.7cm . 


Please take care around children and take advise before using these smudge sticks if you have breathing issues or suffer with a shortness of breath.

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